About Loquax Bingo

Loquax as a company has been online since 1998. Established by Jason Dale and Kirsty Darbyshire, who both remain in charge today, we launched The UK's First Competition Portal and bingo wasn't even a thought on ours on the internet's mind'. Fast forward to 2004 and online bingo was starting to spark public interest. It also piqued our interest too because it was another way for people to potentially win prizes online. We posted a few links to bingo sites offering no deposit bonuses but in truth we never really put that much effort into developing gambling content. A bit of a mistake! Anyway, slowly but surely things started to evolve with our content. We also launched white labels with Jackpotjoy and Dragonfish. The latter hosted Prize Bingo and the first iteration of Loquax Bingo as loquaxbingo.com.


Bingo and slots soon became a cornerstone of the main Loquax portal. We also launched other gambling themed sites including UK Casinos Online, Play Bingo, Prize Bingo, Bingo Blog and The Free Bingo Site. It's safe to say that we enjoyed a number of successful years as a bingo/slots affiliate and were even nominated for a few affiliate awards. We even won the 2010 A4U Award (probably because no one else entered!). However online gambling changed in 2017 and sadly loquaxbingo.com was closed down. It needed a makeover but wasn't financially viable. Our bingo content on Loquax however continued but as UKGC rules tightened it's presence was causing our competition channel issues. For example we can't have a Loquax Competitions Newsletter because one of our gambling partners does now allow affiliates to run mailing lists.

Moving To Loquaxbingo.co.uk

As UKGC rules changed the number of sites under the Loquax umbrella dwindled. So much so that by 2020 we'd dropped all white labels and started to wind down Spins and Penny Bingo in favour of concentrating all efforts on Loquax. In 2021 we made the decision to remove bingo and slots content from the main site and give it it's own home here at loquaxbingo.co.uk. By doing this we aimed to put a more obvious distinction between our competition community's interests and our gambling affiliate activities. The move hasn't been easy. We've essentially had to start a new site, albeit with a significant amount of ready made content, but at a time when life is much harder for small/medium bingo affiliates. Losing partnerships due to brand closures, platform changes and changes in attitudes from operators hasn't helped.

The Future

Going forward we aim to continue to try and provide a honest and trustworthy review and news site. Whether that's possible for a small/medium affiliate remains the challenge. Whatever happens we want bingo players to be given the best possible deals, offers and promotions from operators. We'll try and promote that as long as we can.