Why Choose Loquax Bingo

Why should you bother to read the content that's on Loquax Bingo? Why should you trust our reviews? And surely we're just another affiliate hoping to push you onto sites that pay us? Hopefully these are all questions that have crossed your mind whilst checking out our content. Hopefully we'll be able to convince you that we might be worth listening to. So grab yourself an elevator as here's our pitch for being the best UK bingo portal that has a latin word in it's title.

Why Read Our Content?

You should read it because you'll be in a very select group of bingo players who actually do so. Which is a shame because our content is actually pretty decent. At least we like to think so. Our aim is to provide honest reviews and fun content. We're also happy to speak our minds on all aspects of online gambling. We're not shy when it comes to operators being rubbish with respect to relationships with ourselves or players. We know our content is pretty decent too because other portals, including quite big ones, have loved to be inspired by what we've written. Finally there aren't that many independent portals now writing about bingo or the bingo industry and if we disappear then there will be even less.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

Our view of any bingo site or slots brand is that it has to be good for players. We play at different sites and therefore have an idea of what we think most players are looking for. In short selection of games, good prizes, value for money and customer service. We'll also hunt out things that we think players won't like such as high wagering terms, charges for withdrawing money and rubbish promotions. We never dress anything up either just for the sake of clicks and revenues. Just visit other portals and look through the number of brands that are given high star ratings or described as brilliant sites for players.

But Don't You Get Paid?

We do get paid for promoting bingo and slots brands but this doesn't influence how we review a site or what we say about them. There are some exceptions such as Paddy Power, Sky and Betfair who having treated us badly are obviously not going to attract glowing reviews. Additionally if we don't have an affliate relationship with a brand then we won't link to it. This isn't to upset you the user but to be fair to those brands who do want to work with us. Unfortunately what we've found within the gambling industry is that operators aren't the most honest of companies to deal with and we're no longer in a position to send free traffic to brands we feel don't deserve our visitors.

So Why Loquax Bingo?

We're honest (or at least try and be)! We're independent! We're pretty good! Hopefully you find our content useful when seeking out information about bingo, slots, slingo and other aspects of online gambling. We do advise looking at other sites for other opinions though and recommend Glitzy Bingo. Like us it's indpendent and keen to be honest with bingo players.