Tiki Catch of the Day at Jackpotjoy

Back in 2009, Jackpotjoy launched a brand new free to play scratchcard. It's called Tiki Catch Of The Day and it's still available to play today at both JPJ and Heart Bingo. By playing the game daily, players have the chance to win free slots spins and cash prizes. It's been a while since we took at a look at the game, so we thought we'd head back to Jackpotjoy and catch up with Tiki and their catch of the day.

Tiki Catch Of the Day

To play Tiki Catch of the Day you need to first login to Jackpotjoy or Heart Bingo. After that, head to the "Free" tab where you'll find Tiki alongside other free games such as Doubly Bubbly and Daily Paper. At Jackpotjoy these have been joined by Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows. Note that you can only select to play one of these games each week. Furthermore, to play you also need to have made at least a 10 minimum deposit.

How To Play Tiki Catch Of The Day

If you qualify to play and decide to choose Tiki Catch Of The Day then you are invited to pick 6 spots from a map. The map is "Tiki's Lagoon" and is split into a 10x9 grid. When you make a selection, Tiki will cast his rod into the square and pull out an object. You'll either catch old boots (no wins), a colured fish or a Tiki symbol. The fish or Tiki symbols equates to a possible cash prize wins or free spins. You must catch a certain number of the same symbol in order to win a prize.

Prize Table

  • Yellow Fish - 10 - 750
  • Pink Fish - 9 - 250
  • Red Fish - 8 - 20
  • Green Fish - 7 - 10
  • Blue Fish - 6 - 5
  • Miss Tiki - 5 - 50 Spins
  • Mr Tiki - 4 - 10 Spins
  • Tiki Monkey - 3 - 5 Spins

Note that the spins are for game play on Tiki Island Jackpot Slot. According to the FAQ on Jackpotjoy you could potentially win up to 750 plus 50 free spins. If you do win free spins then the spins are given on a full 20 lines with a coin size of 1p. Any wins from the spins are paid in cash and no wagering terms apply.

Tiki's Catch of the Month

For the best chance of winning on Tiki Catch Of The Day or any of these free games then make sure you visit Jackpotjoy daily. Over a period of 7 days you will uncover 42 of the 90 squares! However, there's another good reason why you should play daily. Each day that you play the game you receive one pick for Tiki's Catch of the Month. This game plays on the last day of every month and gives you further chances to win spins and prizes.

With Tiki's Catch of the Month you simply pick shells from a 7x7 grid! Each shell can hold up to 100 or up to 10 free Spins on Tiki Island Jackpot Slot. You must play Tiki's Catch of the Day between 00:01 and 23:59 on the last day of the month to be eligible to play Tiki's Catch of the Month.

Go Fish

Back in 2009, we wrote that Tiki's Catch Of The Day was very similar to the free daily game offered by Tombola at that time. However, Tombola have long since swapped their Go Fish game for other games. In fact since Go Fish has ended we've had Stars, Worlds and the recently launched Trio (January 2020). It's safe to say that Tombola are the more innovative brand in the free game department.

We would like to see more free game innovation from Jackpotjoy. Tiki is still great fun and plays well, but it is 11 years old now! Even a lick of paint and some new items to fish would be a welcome change. The good news though is that Jackpotjoy have recently added Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows to the free games roster. This is a great looking game that offers players the chance to win up to 50 free spins on the popular Rainbow Riches slot.

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