Spamalot Scratchcard Review

And now for something completely different! Spamalot is the popular stage show based on the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For reasons we can't explain it's made it's way on to the gaming scene and is the theme for one of two available scratchcards at Sun Bingo. Will you be looking on the bright side of life by playing it?

Spamalot Scratchcard

The Spamalot Scratchcard game comes from Playtech which means you'll find it at a number of sites including Paddy Power Casino and Bet365 Casino. Before you play you first need to set your wager. This is done by adjusting the "card value" button that's situated at the bottom right of the game. Wagers can be set from between 50p and 10.

The game is different from traditional 3x3 scratchcards in that there are only six panels to remove. When you start the game a symbol is revealed plus a cash amount - if you match this on any of the panels then you win. You can choose to scratch the panels yourself or take the lazy route and click the "scratch all" button.

The Knights Of Ni

Images associated with Monty Python make up the panels. For example there are The Knights of Ni, The Holy Grail and The Lady Of The Lake. Sadly there's no reference to any of the Python gang such as John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and ‎Eric Idle.

However, during the game you're treated to a piano mash-up rendition of 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life'. There are also animations and Pythonesque noises to go with the game too. When a win occurs you are treated to more animation and big wins even come with a big song. This all combines well to immerse you in the Monty Python theme.

The Spamalot Scratchcard isn't the most exciting instant win game around in terms of mechanics. It's not the Holy Grail of scratchcards by a long margin. However the periphery of the game more than makes up for that.

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