Baa Wars Scratchcard Review

Earlier in the year we reviewed a couple of scratchcard instant games that were new to Sky Vegas. Well they've just launched another one and it once again takes the humble scratchie to another dimension. Whilst some games just offer you nine boxes to reveal, Baa Wars let's you fire sheep instead. No! We're not making this up!

Baa Wars

In Baa Wars a Wolf has stolen treasure from a bunch of sleeping sheep and for some bizarre reason has hidden it on a planet. The sheep aren't impressed with the theft and have turned themselves into super weapons in order to bomb the planet the wolf is hiding on. Your aim is to fire the sheep at craters and reveal the hidden treasure.

The game is very interactive and offers plenty of options. You can choose your stake (from 1 to 10) and this determines the planet you're going to be firing sheep at. It also determines your chances of winning and the amounts that can be won. For example a 1 play gives a 1 in 4.5 chance of winning whilst for 10 the chances drop to 1 in 3.

That's not as bad (or baaa-d) as it sounds. For 1 you only get five infantry sheep but as you wager more you get super-sheep. These super sheep will bomb extra craters for you and therefore hopefully reveal more treasure.

During game play you can choose which craters you wish to target or you can choose 'rapid fire' (the reveal all button). Match any two amounts and you win. Reveal the 'nuclear' symbol and all craters are blown.

This is a fun interactive scratchcard game, that's available to play via mobile and desktop. We really enjoyed sending the sheep off to bomb the planet and we think you will too. Compared to the Emmerdale scratchcard we reviewed last week, Baa Wars is out of this world.

Baa Wars is a scratchcard game from Core Gaming. It's exclusive to Sky Vegas where you can play for fun in demo mode. New players can get a 10 no deposit bonus to try the games in pay to play mode. Wagering terms apply.

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