Jackpotjoy Launch Brand New Keno Game

Jackpotjoy have released a brand version of the popular numbers game Keno this week. It's been a while since we've seen anything new from JPJ - at least in the instants side of things - so it's good to see the arrival of this new addition. Keno is like a version of bingo on speed and it's very popular in The USA - but how does this one play?


Visually Jackpotjoy Keno is very basic - almost retro! There's a gamecard of 80 numbers in the centre whilst on the sides there's a pay table and a score table, which is used if you choose to play 5/10 rounds in succession. At the bottom of the game area there are a variety of buttons including 'help', 'quick pick', 'play 5' and 'play 10'.

Games cost between 20p and 5! To start playing Keno you need to select your numbers. You can choose to play between 1 and 15 numbers. The more numbers you select the lower the prize money. If you opt for the 'quick pick' button then Jackpotjoy will randomly assign you 10 numbers to play. Once you're happy with your choices you can click play for one round or choose 5/10 for 5/10 rounds.

When playing Keno you'll have the feeling of being in a real casino. There are game noises and chatter to give it an air of authenticity. The sound effects of the Keno game are also akin to a Las Vegas machine. If you're hoping for a leisurely way to spend your money then this is not it as the numbers rattle out to the sounds that closely resemble a Space Invader arcade machine.

To win at Keno you need to hope that the 20 numbers that are 'called' cover as many as your numbers as possible. The more spots you mark off the higher the prize. On 'Quick Pick' a full house of 10 spots covered will earn you x1800 your initial stake.

We have to say that we found Jackpotjoy Keno quite addictive - a lot of that being down to the sounds rather than actually winning anything of note. These games are designed to entice us in and this one is so close to 'Las Vegas' style Keno machines it's quite scary. Bingo players may not like the speed, but if you love instant wins then Keno is worth a look.

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