Coronation Street Cobble Dash Racing

Gala Bingo have increased their range of Coronation Street games with the addition of Cobble Dash. This virtual racing game follows the launch of a themed bingo room, slot, bouncy balls and scratchcard. In Cobble Dash your aim is to select which runner will make their way down Coronation Street and cross the finishing line first.

Cobble Dash

In Coronation Street Cobble Dash you are given six characters to choose from: Ivy Tilsley, Reg Holdsworth, Ena Sharples, Fred Eliott, Alec Gilroy and Schmeichel the dog. At the start of each race you're given the odds. All you have to do is then select who you think will win. Do you go for the favourite? Or do you go for an outsider?

You can select any number of racers and you can choose how much to bet on each. The minimum bet is 25p whilst the maximum is 10. Note the maximum you can spend on any particular race is 10. Once you've made a selection the race begins and the cast of former Corrie favourites race down the cobbles

Rather than make it a straightforward race the competitors find themselves occasionally hampered with their efforts. Fred for example falls over his sausages whilst Reg bumps into his trolley. The winner is the first to make it over the finishing line. If your selection is the winner then you win a cash prize.

This is quite a fun game and one of the best Coronation Street themed games from Gala. In fact we're say that it's at least on par with Tombola's Hamster Racing. The graphics are great and the racing is enjoyable - more so than the Coronation Street slots. Our only criticism is that we'd like to see more characters involved - just to mix things up a bit!

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