Jenga Instant Win Slots Games

Instant win games seem to fall into one of three categories at the moment. They're either themed based on puzzles games like Bejeweled, TV shows like Deal or No Deal or they're related to a slot of the same name. Jenga falls into the first category and it takes the popular puzzle board game into a whole new world.

Jenga Instant Win

The Jenga Instants game is very simple. A block, which consists of up to 18 win lines, appears on screen. The blocks are different in colours and any that are in winning positions will be removed. This causes the tower to shrink and more blocks to be added. If at any time the tower collapses then you win yourself a free game. To be fair it's more like a slot in tower format than an instant win!

You can play up to 18 lines per game and from 1p to 20 per line. This means a minimum stake of a penny through to a maximum stake of 360. You would need to be a seriously big fan of Jenga or a high roller to even consider spending that amount on this game! It's all very colourful and looks great - it's most certainly not as dated as some instant games look. However, there's no interaction or comprehension with regards game play.

We appreciate that scratchcards and instants aren't meant to have too much player involvement, but it would be nice to see Jenga be more about the player making a selection from the tower. Even if it was simply a 50/50 chance of toppling the thing to get a free game! As is it's a nice tower of coloured blocks which go off and do their own thing in a slightly confusing way. It's not that it's not enjoyable it's just not as clear as other instants of a similar genre.

In the game there is a "Bonus Block Meter" which apparently "count towards your next re-building feature and the amount you will win!". However at no point in our testing did this feature appear (or if it did we completely missed it). Overall it's fun and colourful but if you're hoping to test your skills you'll need to stick to the traditional game. Jenga is available to play at Sky Vegas and Paddy Power Games. You can pay to play or you can play free using the demo version.

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