Wonderland Instants At Jackpotjoy

You tend not to see many new instant games these days. Most new innovations on sites like Jackpotjoy tend to be around slots or bingo - so it's nice to see what they've introduced a Wonderland Instant game. At first glance it's a bit like their Red Nose Day cupcake scratchcard, but if you go through the looking glass there's more to this than meets the eye.

Wonderland Instants

When you play Wonderland Instants you're not playing for cash prizes. You're in fact playing for free spins of the Wonderland Slot. The aim of the game is match up three symbols on the card - do that and you win a certain number of spins on the slot game.

It's not cheap! It will cost you 3 a play of Wonderland Instants and of course there's no guarantee that you will win. We suspect though that most players will get at least 2 free spins by getting the Mystery Prize. Call us cynical but the aim of this instant is to get you on the slots - and once playing you may be tempted to spend more.

We trialed the game - well actually we played once - but did pick up 32 free spins worth 32. After the free spins were played we left with a nice 29.80 - a total of 26.80 profit. On our second play we picked up 9 free spins and won 1.90 - so lost 1.10! At that point we decided to walk away. A 25 profit on two instants is not a bad return.

The Wonderland Instant is a nice simple game - as you'd expect from Jackpotjoy it's graphically appealing and a delight to play. It is an alternative way to get you onto the slots, but then if you can get more spins for your 3 then it may be worth a play or two especially if you're a regular on the slots.

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