Interesting Bingo Facts & News

Did you know that bingo is actually good for you? We've searched the web for some interesting bingo related facts and news stories.

Did You Know....

1. Playing bingo can keep the mind in trim - and the older you are the more agile you may be, researchers have found at Southampton University. Similar studies at Harvard University showed social activities, such as playing games like bingo or going shopping, are just as good for their health as physical exercise. In 2011, Arriva the bus company launched Bus Bingo to encourage people to leave their cars behind and use public transport. Bingo callers were placed aboard the buses and passengers could play as they travel! It didn't take off!

2. Bingo is the best game to play for your chance to become a millionaire - well at least back in 2002. According to a study at Cambridge University when the National Bingo link up game takes place the chances of winning 1million is 200,000 to 1! We'd be very surprised if that was the case today.

3. Movies about bingo are pretty rare, but in 2010 Bingo Confidential was unveiled in The USA. The movie follows six bingo-loving players as they head to the Ethel Bell Memorial Million Dollar Bingo Game. It doesn't seem to have any ratings on either Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. Other films that have bingo in the title feature a runaway circus dog (1991), a man psychologically brutalized by circus characters (1998) and a terrorist plot against a right wing politician in an election campaign (1974). The most recent movie is called Bingo Hell (2021).

4. The world record for the world's largest online bingo game is held by ITV's Bingo Night Live. The game on 10th October 2008 offered up a massive 60,000 guaranteed prize. Despite the interest in the prize money, the programme was pitifully bad and it was axed on 15th November 2008. If you love world records then we have a whole bunch of bingo world records for you to check out.

TV, Celebrity and Bingo

1. Online bingo sites have been endorsed by various celebrities including Amy Childs, Peter Andre, Vinnie Jones, Clare Sweeney, Mel B, Verne Troyer, Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Vic Reeves, Sharon Osbourne, Jim Bowen, Christopher Biggins, Barbara Windsor, Nikki Grahame, Gavin Henson, Paddy McGuiness, Rustie Lee, Mr Motivator, Linda Lusardi and Paris Hilton. Endorsements hit a whole new level when Bingo All Stars launched in association with the likes of Biggins and Rustie Lee at the helm.

2. A number of ITV shows have attracted sponsorship deals and these include Tombola (Emmerdale), Bet365 Bingo (Emmerdale), Foxy Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), ITV Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Think Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Cheeky Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), The Only Way is Essex (Wink Bingo) and ITV Daytime (Redbus Bingo). ITV shows have also been the inspiration for bingo variations and these include X Factor, Saturday Night Takeaway, Take Me Out, Britain's Got Talent and even Coronation Street! According to The Sun celebrity players include Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones and even Russell Crowe.

Unlikely Partnerships

1. As well as endorsements and sponsorships there have also been some strange partnerships within the world of online bingo. Did you know for example Ann Summers and Woolworths had their own brands on the St Minver platform? Bingo With Kerry was also a thing and featured Kerry Katona. The late Keith Chegwin, who was a pioneer for live interactions with players, was behind Cheggers Bingo. TV programs also thought it was a good idea to launch their own sites. Big Brother, Benidorm and Say Yes To The Dress are amongst those that tried - but ultimately failed - in the sector.

Some Interesting Bingo Facts

More than 3 million regular players in UK
Total annual stake money about 1.1bn
One in five Scots plays regularly, compared with only one in 20 in south of England
70% of players are female
The average age of players is 47
The average player spends 15-20 a night, not counting winnings
Bingo is played by Kylie, Cher Lloyd, Denise Van Outen, Elle MacPherson, and Take That.
The biggest National Bingo win ever was 956,000.
There are 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 bingo card combinations!

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